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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. 

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IUI vs IVF: Procedures, Success Rates, and Costs

IUI vs IVF: Procedures, Success Rates, and Costs

If your mind is tickling with lots of queries about IVI and IUI then worry not we are here to resolve it. IUI (Intrauterine insemination) is a process in which sperm is placed inside a woman’s uterus. This process is also known as artificial insemination.

During the IUI process, the distance between the egg and sperm decreases which is required for fertilization. In the IVF (In vitro fertilization) process, there are some steps performed by your fertility specialist. Let’s understand what is the difference between IUI and IVF. Here we will tell you about the procedure, success rates, and costs of both processes. 

What is the Procedure for IUI and IVF Treatment?

IVF is an advanced and complex process that involves a few steps and sperm and egg are fertilized outside the body. Ach step of this treatment has its importance. The initial step of the IVF process is ovarian stimulation. In this step, a woman undergoes hormonal stimulation to produce more eggs. The next step is egg retrieval and then sperm collection.

After this, both egg and sperm are fertilized in a laboratory under specific conditions, and after embryo formation, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. Selected embryos are only transferred into the uterus to increase the chances of successful pregnancy. This process is performed by experienced IVF specialists. 

Whereas during the IUI process, the steps are different as compared to the IVF process. During the IUI process, the sperm is placed inside a woman’s uterus by an infertility specialist and two types of IUI processes include the natural cycle of IUI and the stimulated cycle of IUI. In the natural process, IUI means that sperm is placed in the uterus after the female body produces a specific hormone that is needed for ovulation.

In the stimulated cycle of IUI, hormonal injections are given to produce the hormone in the female body. Many infertility experts provide their healthcare facilities during IUI Fertility Treatment in Lucknow. These experts give full support and guide the patients while they are trying to conceive a baby. 

The IUI process is shorter than the IVF process, IUI process may take almost a week or two from the start of the menstrual cycle to insemination. The IVF process is completed in two weeks or more depending on your complexities during the procedure. It also depends on factors like the lifestyle of the couple, prior pregnancies, etc. 

What are the success rates of IUI and IVF treatment? 

The success rates of IUI and IVF treatment may vary because it depends on several factors. The chances of getting pregnant through IUI decrease as you get older because of your egg quality, age, lifestyle choice, or more. After the age of 35 years, the success rate of IUI is less than 50% and the success rate of IUI is higher for couples who are less than 35 years of age. Whereas for the IVF process, the success rate varies and depends on several factors like age, egg and sperm quality, cause of infertility, lifestyle choice like smoking or drinking alcohol, diet of couple or more. 

The success rate of IVF treatment also depends on the infrastructure of the IVF center and the facilities provided in that center. Not only this, it also depends on the experience of IVF specialists and their knowledge. IVF success rate increases if the couple is less than 35 years and the success rate may decrease if the infertile couple is more than 35 or 40 years. 

What is the cost of IUI and IVF treatment? 

IUI and IVF treatment costs change as per the facilities of the center and the healthcare services provided at your center. You can also get offers and financial support during your treatment after consulting your fertility specialist. IVF Cost starts from Rs.90000 per IVF cycle and could be Rs. 2.50 lakh. Whereas, the cost of IUI treatment starts from 10,000 to 40,000. 

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Both the IVF and IUI process are helpful for infertile couples to conceive a baby. As we discussed both processes differ from each other whether it is the cost or treatment process. You can also consult with your infertility specialist for the right advice. The Best Infertility Doctor in Lucknow gives a personalized treatment plan to infertile couples so that their journey of parenthood becomes easier. 

The cost and success rate depend on your center’s healthcare services and facilities. You should also understand the risks related to IUI or IVF treatment. With the right healthcare facilities, you can make your IUI or IVF treatment successful. Whether you choose IUI or IVF you should always consult with your infertility specialist and make sure that they let you know about every aspect of the treatment. Make sure that you analyze every single piece of information provided by your fertility specialist in Lucknow

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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. It is just 12 kilometres away from Central railway station and bus terminal.