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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. 

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Top Reasons Why IVF Fails: What’s Your Next Step?

Top Reasons Why IVF Fails: What’s Your Next Step?

When a woman undergoes repeated IVF attempts and is not able to conceive then it is necessary to find out the reasons behind IVF failure. Several factors can cause an IVF failure. Some of them are implantation failure, genetic abnormalities, or more. To achieve a successful pregnancy, it is necessary to find out the reason behind IVF failure. If you are facing IVF failure then you should understand the top reasons behind it. 

  • Embryo Implantation Failure 

Embryo implantation means the inability of an embryo to implant into the lining of the uterus and develop into a healthy pregnancy. IVF is considered successful when a healthy baby is conceived after successful implantation. 

Embryo implantation failure may take place due to chromosomal abnormalities which means genetic mutation in the embryo. Because of genetic mutation in the embryo, the embryo does not develop correctly and difficulty in growth and implantation takes place. 

  • Uterine Abnormalities 

Uterine abnormalities are of different types such as unicornuate uterus, bicornuate uterus, septate uterus, arcuate uterus, and uterus didelphys. Abnormal growths in the uterine lining can also cause implantation failure or miscarriage. Some women do not realize that they have an abnormal uterus and they might face difficulty while conceiving. With proper diagnosis uterine abnormalities can be analyzed before IVF treatment.  You might not be aware of the fact that more than 12 percent of recurrent miscarriages are due to uterine abnormalities. If you are facing symptoms of uterus abnormalities like painful menstruation, preterm labor, recurrent miscarriage, or pain during sex then you should consult with the best infertility specialist in Lucknow. Uterine abnormalities that impact pregnancy retention may require surgical treatment. 

  • Poor Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle habits including smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, and more are also responsible for poor lifestyle. Smoking can interfere with ovulation and disturb hormonal balance. It also thickens the uterine lining and decreases the chances of successful pregnancy.  A proper diet and a good lifestyle can improve the success rate of pregnancy.  Your lifestyle can impact your pregnancy journey that’s why it is necessary to have a proper lifestyle during your IVF treatment to enhance the chances of a successful pregnancy. 

  • Age of the couple 

Couple age also has a huge impact on IVF treatment. If a couple is less than 30 years then the chances of a successful pregnancy are higher. As women age increases the egg quality decreases and the same happens with men. When a man ages the mobility and quality of sperm decrease and it eventually impacts the quality of the embryo. IVF success rates start to decrease due to the age decline in both egg quantity and quality of sperm. As per the researchers, Younger women usually have a higher chance of success as compared to older women. You can consult with the Best IVF doctor in Lucknow before undergoing the IVF process to understand the success rate of treatment depending on your age. 

  • Problems with Embryo Selection or Embryo Transfer Process 

Embryo transfer and embryo selection are important parts of the IVF process.  The retrieval of unhealthy embryos can affect IVF outcomes. The embryo must be kept accurately at the right location in the uterus for the successful completion of the IVF cycle. Embryos that are transferred to the uterus are selected by embryologists and chromosomally abnormal embryos decrease the chances of IVF success. 

What to do if you have a Failed IVF process? 

If you have faced an unsuccessful IVF cycle then it might be the most stressful phase of your life. Well, to deal with it you can take the help of healthcare professional counseling. You can also consult with your fertility expert for future IVF cycles and understand the cause behind your IVF failure. During your next IVF cycle, you can take the help of pre-implantation genetic testing, AMH testing, diagnosis of uterine abnormalities, and determine hormonal levels.  

Finding emotional support is also necessary after IVF failure. You can talk with your friends and family members. They will help you cope with your pain, as well as boost your morale. Recurrent IVF failure can be caused due to endometriosis or ovulation cycle problems. But with the help of the right diagnosis and treatment, you can have a successful pregnancy. 


IVF failure can occur due to genetic abnormalities, endometriosis, Poor lifestyle, Uterine abnormalities, Embryo implantation, or more. Couples with the best egg quality and sperm quality are more likely to get pregnant on their first attempt at the IVF process. But worry not if you are not able to get pregnant during the first IVF cycle. Take proper medication and advise your fertility specialist to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 

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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. It is just 12 kilometres away from Central railway station and bus terminal.