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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. 

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How to Naturally Improve Egg Quality for IVF Success?

How to Naturally Improve Egg Quality for IVF Success?

A better quality of egg and sperm is helpful in the formation of a healthy embryo. Women who are trying to conceive a baby through the IVF process might be looking for several ways to improve egg quality for a successful pregnancy. Let’s find out what are the ways to improve egg quality for IVF success. 

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is necessary for conceiving a healthy baby. You should focus on nutrient-rich foods that provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to support overall reproductive health. Fruits and vegetables such as leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, berries, oranges, and other foods improve fertility and egg quality. Consume protein-rich foods such as beans, nuts, and peas to promote hormonal balance that helps in the development of eggs. Intake of iron-rich foods like spinach, pomegranate, etc helps in improving egg quality. You should follow the right diet plan that must contain all these nutrients. 

Stay hydrated to enhance your reproductive function as water removes waste products and toxins from your body and is responsible for providing better surroundings for egg development. 

Avoid eating junk foods like burgers or pizza, because may create hormonal imbalances in your body. Consult with the best infertility specialist in Lucknow to get a personalized treatment plan that can positively impact your egg quality and overall well-being. 

2. Manage Your Body Weight 

Manage Your Body Weight 

It is necessary to manage your body weight if you want to improve your egg quality. Being underweight or overweight, both negatively impact your reproductive health and can act as a barrier to egg development. A balanced diet can help you achieve the right body weight. Being overweight or underweight may be responsible for irregular menstrual cycles and decreased egg quality. Manage your body weight by following the right diet and exercise plan that also increases the chances of fertility and high-quality egg development. 

3. Quality Sleep 

Quality Sleep

Your sleep also plays an important role in improving egg quality.  While sleeping your body reduces stress hormones whereas inadequate sleep can negatively impact reproductive function and egg quality. However, not getting proper sleep may disrupt the hormonal balance that is needed for egg development. During sleep, your body starts the repair process and develops healthy eggs. Even during fertility treatment like in-vitro fertilization, fertility specialists advise patients to take rest as much as possible.  

4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption 

Avoid Alcohol Consumption 

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption because it affects your reproductive health and decreases your egg quality. Smoking may increase the risk of early menopause and lower your egg quality. It also increases the chances of miscarriages. Not only this, alcohol consumption may lead to irregular periods, and pregnancy loss, and act as a barrier during implantation. You should limit the intake of alcohol to maintain your overall health and development of good-quality eggs. 

5. Reduce Your Stress 

Reduce Your Stress 

Stress affects your fertility and reduces egg production. As stress can cause prolactin and cortisol production which is responsible for reducing the number of eggs. You can follow stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, and talking with your friends and family members. These activities help to relax your mind and give ease of calmness. Apart from these, you can reduce your anxiety or stress through acupuncture or gentle massage. Avoid overworking and you can also do yoga to increase the blood flow in your body this will help in improving egg quality.

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To improve your egg quality for the IVF process you should include these points in your lifestyle. Natural ways such as maintaining a good diet, keeping a check on your weight, avoiding smoking or alcohol consumption, reducing your stress, and quality sleep can boost egg quality and overall reproductive health. You can also visit the best IVF center in Lucknow to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy with better healthcare services. 

Fertility specialists at IVF centers help and support you during the journey of parenthood. To enhance your egg quality you should avoid taking medications without consulting your fertility specialist. It may increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Always consult with your fertility specialist to reduce the risks of such issues that can disrupt your track of conceiving a baby. 

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Dr. Varada Arora is currently practicing as a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Valencia IVF Center. Valencia IVF Center is one of the premier Fertility Clinics located in Lucknow. It is just 12 kilometres away from Central railway station and bus terminal.